Importance of good quality spices in a perfect meal can never be overstated. Often considered the secret of your grandmother’s lip-smacking recipes!

Melam brings to you a flavour flashback of your fondest memories with a new range of highest quality spices. Hand selected and made from the best in quality, these spices are brought to you from the most fertile soils of India. They are sun-dried, powdered and hygienically packed using our unique “keep fresh” technology for safety, optimum colour and flavour, ensuring that your pack of Melam spices is as pure as it gets.

Kashmiri Chilli Powder

This Melam pack contains exotic long Kashmiri Chillies specially selected, sun-dried, pulverised and hygienically packed using our unique ‘keep fresh’ technology for lasting freshness. Melam Kashmiri Chilli Powder gives a subtle pungency and a lovely bright red colour to your dishes. Melam Kashmiri Chilli Powder is popularly used in pickles and a variety of tandoori dishes.

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