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Launched in 1969, Medimix is the flagship brand of the AVA Group. The soap is hand-made and has a unique 18 herbs Ayurvedic formulation. Over the years Medimix has become one of the most recognized and trusted brands of India, in a survey conducted by Economic Times in 2013, it was voted 13th on the list of Personal Care brands and 56th on the list of ‘Most Trusted Brands of India’.

Medimix Classic Soap

Medimix Classic has been used by families for many generations, to maintain healthy skin, clear from any skin problems. Its unique and time tested formulation combines the goodness of 18 herbs that help protect the skin from many kinds of skin problems like Skin blemishes, Pimples, Dry Skin and Acne. The soap has become a family tradition passed on from mother to the daughter as the secret of her healthy skin!!!

Medimix Sandal Soap

In 2006, the AVA Group extended the ‘Medimix’ range to Sandal soap with the launch of Medimix Sandal.Medimix Sandal is hand-made through an elaborate process, the potent combination of Sandal Oil and Eladi Oil is very effective on Skin Blemishes, Dark spots, Pimples and other pigmentation marks. The soap has a rich Sandal fragrance and lather which makes for a luxurious bathing experience.

Medimix Clear Glycerine- Deep Hydration

Medimix Clear Glycerine-Deep Hydration is meant for people with Dry Skin. It helps refresh the skin, keeping it soft, supple and moisturized. It contains the unique combination of Lakshadi Oil, Aloe-Vera and Glycerine which helps lock-in moisture and thereby keeping it hydrated. It makes your skin smile!!!

Medimix Clear Glycerine- Oil Balance

Medimix Clear Glycerine-Oil Balance is meant for people with Oily Skin. It helps maintain skin balance by cleansing excess oil. It contains the unique and time tested combination of Eucalyptus Oil, Mint and Glycerine, which helps keep skin clear from excess oil and acne. It makes your skin smile!!!

Medimix Clear Glycerine- Natural Toning

Medimix Clear Glycerine-Natural Toning is meant for people with Normal Skin. It helps maintain healthy skin-tone the natural way. It contains the unique and time tested combination of Tea-tree Oil, Honey and Glycerine, which helps keep skin clear, firm and healthy. It makes your skin smile!!!

Medimix Transparent Soap

Medimix Transparent is hand-crafted; the time tested formulation of Lakshadi Oil is combined with Glycerine and the resulting combine is effective on dry skin. It effectively moisturizes dry skin, keeping it soft and supple and helps reduce itches and cracks caused by dryness. The soap has a naturally fresh fragrance.

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The whole experience at Sanjeevanam restaurant at Chennai was fantastic, starting from the soup to the soft parathas and tofu curry. I never thought Healthy food could be so delicious. After food, I also picked up some Health items from your shop outside the restaurant. Hats off to the founders of this health food venture. It would be great if you could also have door deliveries for your restaurant.

-Varun Lal

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