The healing touch of Kerala Ayurveda

Healing and improving health naturally

Want 100% natural treatment for your ailments? Experience the healing touch of Kerala Ayurveda. Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Therapy Centre offers authentic Kerala Ayurvedic therapy through its spacious and aesthetically designed centres. All our centres for Ayurvedic therapy follow the highest standards of quality and value in terms of treatment and care.

We have teams of qualified Ayurvedic doctors, trained and experienced in Ayurvedic remedies and well-trained therapists at each of our centres. The patient first meets a specialist doctor who recommends appropriate treatment and the use of specific Ayurvedic ingredients for treatment, based on the ailment, diagnosis, and other factors related to the patient.

Sanjeevanam’s Ayurvedic therapy is not only for ailments, but also helps you adapt better lifestyle practices and habits that pave way for a wholesome, fulfilling and joyous existence. At our Ayurvedic Therapy Centres, we treat existing conditions and help you to maintain good health with our wellness treatments. The treatments we offer here help to restore you to good health and keep you fit and healthy mentally and physically. So, turn to Sanjeevanam’s Kerala Ayurveda not just to cure ailments but for general health and well being too.

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What people say about us

Thanks for manufacturing healthy products, been a customer for more than 3 years. Thank you


I came there for a skin problem .The medicines and the treatment had a magical effect on my body .The problem is totally cured of now and I truly thank Sanjeevanam for this.

-Mrs.Padma krishnaswamy, DAV School teacher

I like the whole concept of Sanjeevanam Ayurveda and really appreciate the authentic way of treatment given here.

-Mr.K.S.Subbaiah, Retired person

I am very happy with the excellent treatment rendered to me when I came here for a lower back pain at Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic centre. The doctor and therapists gave me a personalized attention that helped me to come out of my problem.

-Mrs. Roopa, Software Consultant

I like the traditional Ayurveda touch given to treatments given here. I am very happy that my hair fall problem is fully solved after I started the treatments here.

-Mr. Kunall, Media Person

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